“We throw our positive energy out there into the bike ether and what comes back is unbridled, unyielding complete support from the bike community around us. How rad.” —— Mike Karfakis

Ma Bell, Mark Bell & Pittman Family
Thanks for the hospitality your families showed Amy. These two families had a spot near the top of the lift and they let Amy set up there every day, even helping her with laundry. Great people! Especially you, Ma Bell!

Mike Render
Amy’s husband Mike and a personal friend for over 10 years strong. He is one the best wrenches we know. He is constantly dialing her rig and making it ride exactly the way Amy needs it to feel. Prior to this race, Mike made suspension changes, saddle changes and drive train upgrades that most certainly helped make the difference. Thanks for all the support Mike. Your wrenching made it happen buddy!!

Mark Wallace
Mark is one of the house wrenches at Snowshoe and the catalyst for getting Amy started in DH years ago. Amy’s had a good personal relationship with Mark for years. He took care of her rig when Amy needed him. Can’t thank you enough Mark!

SRAM was onsite doing no-charge race support for almost anyone that needed help. Complete fork rebuilds in an hour, complete drivetrain over-hauls. You name it, they had your back. From everyone at Spoke Apparel, thanks for being a part of making this podium happen!

Jeb & Jay
Big shout out to Jeb Wallace-Brodeur and Jay Shultz  from GoJam Media. We purchased some of the photos seen in this post, others were given to us by Jay and some were borrowed with credit from the PinkBike.com article on the race. Without guys like you, we would have much less of a story to tell. To be able to pay $6-$10 bucks for amazing photos of ourselves in epic race scenarios is the most amazing deal anyone could ask for. Please, everyone, support these photographers and buy your photos when they post them to Roots and Rain. Those of us with full-time jobs in media realize how special these guys are, and how they are parting with their art at such a low and reasonable price points. Thanks fellas.